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We are Compositas. We are creators, crafters, and bridge builders in the world of IT. Our passion lies in optimizing and connecting applications and technologies. We bring digital landscapes to life: on the inside through state-of-the-art technology, intelligent interface programming, and customized tools, and on the outside in an easily understandable and user-friendly style. We’re experts for both back-end and front-end development.

For our clients we realize complex, challenging projects and find solutions that work. We ourselves are our greatest client, though: We are curious, we want to find solutions that we can use in our own projects, and we want to lay new foundations. This generic technological base serves as the starting point for further development and supports the realization of client projects. Our solutions are sustainable: They are intended to serve our clients as well as our own team.

Developers to the coreWE

Compositas was founded in 2018. We are at home in Freiburg as much as in the digital world. We speak German, English, Spanish, JS, PHP, C#, Java, Python, and many other languages. We are a small but powerful team of developers who have dedicated themselves to the modern internet. And we want to grow.



The minds behind Compositas aren’t just IT nerds and software developers – they’re people with passions and interests. These individual aspects of life affect our work, and vice versa. We combine creativity, playfulness, and professionalism into ideal solutions. For us, IT is not an end in itself but a chance and a tool to overcome the challenges and problems of our time. We create and optimize applications, both for our own projects and on behalf of our clients. We build structures that work self-contained as well as interconnected with others. Compositas stands for clever and elegant solutions in a digital world. We work systematically and in a goal-oriented way. If an existing solution doesn’t get us further, we find a new one. We are always on the lookout for fresh ideas. Our curiosity helps us to keep up with recent developments. Whenever we discover a newly available framework, we give it a try. Every journey starts with the first step.

Drive developmentOUR PROJECTS

It’s not like we’d be running out of ideas anytime soon. Whether clients contact us with their visions and requests, or our team is realizing its own concepts: We translate these ideas into projects. Together with our clients we realize these projects as a team and make good use of everything our tech stack has to offer. Sometimes we refine preexisting solutions. At other times we become pioneers ourselves. We always find solutions.


You see demanding projects - we see exciting challenges.

Our well founded experience combined with our drive to innovation helps us to create digital solutions that inspire us as well as our customers.

Foundations and toolsTech Stack

We love advancement and are actively looking into everything that is or will be available on the market. We have the future in mind and our eyes are always set on the horizon. If it seems that a task cannot be solved with common technologies, we will find a new solution on our own. Sometimes we get distracted – especially by exciting new development technologies and approaches. Whenever we come across new and promising ideas from the development community, we give them a try and find out if our projects could benefit from them. We never shift our focus from the most efficient solution, though. Together with our clients we always stay on track.

API Platform
Whether progressive web apps or native mobile apps, they all require well-structured interfaces. When we develop interfaces ourselves, we rely on the API Platform framework.

Magento 2
This shop system is probably the most commonly used, the most powerful, and also open source. And it’s part of our toolkit!

The Quasar framework provides us with fast prototyping and stable UI components based on best practices.

Node allows us to use a coherent development language for client and server applications. It’s a great example for scalability and resource efficiency.

Low barriers for entry, versatile and performant – we’re excited about the Vue.js framework and wouldn’t want to do without it.

Webpack is our module bundler of choice. It helps us to master even large projects while keeping them accessible in our hands.

Elasticsearch lets us manage projects that require large amounts of data. It’s one of the fastest and most flexible tools to provide structured data.

Information and Technology

Our toolkit always has right the tools for agile development. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, after all. We utilize existing tools while developing our own tools at the same time whenever this approach takes us further.

Some tools in our kit:
We’re looking for you!

Our team is growing. Are you a good fit for us? Are we a good fit for you? Let’s find out!

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